Preaching has become a “necessary other” in today’s Sunday services swept by an ultra fast-paced, special effects generation. With the help of multimedia, preaching is slowly taking a back seat to other activities on a Sunday morning. This course is motivated by the firm conviction that the impact of preaching throughout church history will continue even in the 21st century and beyond until Christ’s return. This conviction is backed by the firm commitment that every man or woman behind a pulpit will be a skilled workman, trained to correctly handle the Word, with a passionate delivery that will cause the listener to be “cut to the heart” as it did on the first service in the New Testament church.

In line with that this course will have as its goal to convince and equip the student of the need for hard work in this daunting task of taking the written Word of God from text to Sermon, and delivering it to the listeners as “cure for their souls”.